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MISSION is pleased to offer its Clients the expertise and advice for the following:



Authenticate your art collection, present tax advantages, assist the Client in the acquisition of art, propose suitable insurance for the collection and accompany the Client in maintaining the quality of the collection.

Security & Security

Artsafe’s Founder will suggest the utmost security for the collection due to his years of experience.
Artsafe as our name is the safety every Client deserves and requires when entering the art world.

Follow the “Provenance” of each art object

Artsafe will follow the “Provenance” of each art object which the Client wishes to purchase in order to avoid buying a stolen piece.

Address a variety of subjects

Artsafe’s Founder is available to address a variety of subjects referring to art, conservation of and maintenance of a collection in a conference or private setting.

Interested in the services of is pleased to offer its clients the expertise and advice for authentication, to suggest the utmost security, the safety and to follow the “Provenance” of each art object.

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Corneille – litho 2004 Autour le Chat Bleu © Natacha Corneille