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We consult you on purchase or on the investment process in art or antique objects. We collaborate with independent experts who can judge your objects on authenticity or intrinsic value and who can also determine a correct market price.

We also do damage taxation, insurance taxation, counter-expertise, second opinion, valuation on replacement value, sale price, execution value and succession value.



For the protection of your art-objects, a recognized company  provides a total solution through risk-analysis and evaluation This solution can be reached through the means of technological prevention as well as simple measures of an organisational or structural nature.

Hiertoe reiken wij u zowel middelen van technopreventie als eenvoudige maatregelen van organisatorische en bouwkundige aard aan.



An accurate description of your art-object according to the international standard OBJECT ID. This description is an indispensable tool to retrieve the stolen goods.

Besides an accurate description we supply a detailed photographic report of the objects to be secured.

artsafe markering


Expert marking of your object. For this we can use both simple methods or technologically distinguished methods (eg. engraving, microchips, crystals, RIFID, DNA, UV etc)



Guidance through the wilderness of police and private databases. We provide a judicious, correct and maximal distribution of data and images of the stolen objects, so the chances of retrieval are optimised. A specialised research team, recognized by the Ministry  of Interior,  can be employed.

artsafe verzekeringen


The insurance of your valuable art-objects shouldn’t be left to the benevolent amateur. By entrusting the transport of your precious objects with a specialised transport firm, you can anticipate severe damage.

artsafe vervoer en verpakking

Transport and packaging

Transport and packaging are no jobs for a casual and friendly amateur. Trust transporting valuables to a specialized firm. They take into account the ideal packaging, safety, temperature and humidity. The only way to avoid major damage.

restauratie en conservering

Restoration and conservation

We have excellent contacts with professionals who can consult you on the restoration or conservation of your objects.


Lectures & speeches

Members of our organization have been teaching at various schools an academies. We can provide candidates with the most diverse thèmes in art & antiques world and deal with the topic expert approach.

We also provide training of your professional staff who is responsible for the protection of cultural and art objects.